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. The 50 years of the series Dr. Who by Murielle and Thibault
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. A presentation of the TV series : The Twilight Zone

jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Edward Scissorhands - Murielle's review

As it is one of my favourite movies of all time, I wanted to write a review about Edward Scissorhands, which is one of the best Tim Burton movies so far. 
Edward Scissorhands was released in 1990 and starred Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.
It is the story of a young man, who was entirely created by a scientist who cut himself off from the world and lived in a castle on the top of a hill, located next to a quiet American suburb. Unfortunately, the old man didn’t have the chance to finish his work and he had a stroke before he could give hands to the young man, called Edward. Edwards ends up alone with scissors instead of hands. 

But one day, Peg, an Avon representative whose sales weren’t satisfying, goes to the castle and finds Edward. In that awkward, beautiful scene, we don’t know who’s more frightened by the other: both look at each other curiously. But they slowly overcome their fear, and, touched by Edward’s loneliness, Peg takes him to the suburb and offers him to stay at her home.
As soon as he enters the suburban house, Edward sees a photograph of Peg’s daughter, Kim, and instantaneously falls in love with her. But she already has a boyfriend, and besides, his dissimilarities will be hard to accept for the neighbourhood… 

Tim Burton offers us a wonderful tale about kindness, differences, and the rejection they often imply, imbued with Christmas atmosphere. This movie shows the limits of people’s tolerance towards those who are unlike them, and how they quickly come to mockery or fear. Peg’s family shows the best aspects of humanity, whereas the other neighbours embody our common faults like gossiping, hypocrisy, or jealousy. Because of them, Edward experience anger and grief, because he realizes that with his hands, he’s unable to touch people without harming them. The example of Edward is touching because of Johnny Depp’s excellent acting skills, and also because this character is pure innocence and gentleness, and by rejecting him, society exposed him to its least pleasant sides. 
If you haven't seen it yet, I hardly advise you to do so!  

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