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We are seven students and our teacher from Lycée Adrien Zeller in Bouxwiller. We are seniors (last year in high school) in literary section, specialised in literature and languages and we chose LVA (Langue Vivante Approfondie), an advanced English course, in order to perfect/improve our speaking skills in English.

On this blog, we’re going to share with you our passions, talk about what makes us vibrate, and also what we do at school in that class so come and visit us as often as you can !

Hope you’ll like it, enjoy !

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Hello guys ! This message shows you what's new on the blog, for example what we shared, wrote, new videos, presentations...
So what's up this week ?
. The 50 years of the series Dr. Who by Murielle and Thibault
. A video about : Tips about how save yourself from the worst roommates. ( Murielle, Kevin and me, Thibault )
. A presentation of the TV series : The Twilight Zone

lundi 19 novembre 2012

Class project: the world in the next 18 years

In class, we studied the video "18 years in rap 1994-2012" from the website http://flocabulary.com/

 First, I asked you to choose a hero from the past and you had to create a slideshow to present him/her to the class.

Then, in groups, you had to make a video with the following instructions:

It's 2030, what happened in the word in the last 18 years?
You'll be around 36. Pretend that you are writing "The Last 18 years" in 2030. 

Think about it: which events might have happened? Did humans walk on Mars? Did we find peace in the world? Who is the American president? The French president? Some inventions?...

...and is here your work, good job!!! 

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