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jeudi 11 octobre 2012

story LVA

                                 Drama for Mr and Mrs Atcock 


My story begins with a really stange and incredible think . 
I remeber it was in winter, on 26 th  February, it was snowing and the atmosphere was really cold because it was night . 
I  has just came back in my flat in Pearl street , my wife was sitting in the living room and she was waiting for me . She had never been so beautiful and serious maybe too much and after a few minutes I started to wonder the reason for her behaviour , she hadn't spoken a single word since I was  back . So I decided to discover the truth .

" Darling what's up , what happened to you ? Did you have a bad day or what ?
Please tell me , I don't like your silence  ."

  • " You know what happened better than me  ! Ian I'm not a fool , I can't recognize you these days  , I know you don't love me anymore so please just spare me  ."
I want a divorce ! »

She yelled at me and was almost crying . I felt really bad for her, I still loved her but a few months ago, during a work party in London I met the most beautiful woman I' de ever seen . Her name was Kate . I immediately had a crush for her and we started to have a love affair . 


I tried to confort my wife but she wasn't paying attention to what I was saying .
I knew later , she had discovered a message on my mobile phone from Kate but I couldn't imagine what would happend !


A few months later , I was working at the court and she  hurriedly  left the restaurant's kitchen ( where she worked) and entered a child  toy shop and got out with a plastic gun . 

Unfortunately for me , two days after , it was Kate Birthday and I invited her for a meal , of course Emma knew my entire plan so she was there to take her revenge .

We were chatting happily and peacefully , we were eating our delicious meal when ....
                                                                  « AAAAHHHH !!!! »
Everybody screamed in the restaurant . The light wents off ; the atmosphere became really dark and the sharp noise of the alarm rang out .

Someone put the light on again and I saw Emma's angry face in front of me .


She was pointing a gun to my head .
I  also felt  fear into her , I noticed her lips were trembling . And that's why I knew she wouldn't be able to kill me . I just got up and took the gun , I discovered it was in plastic . Full of  anger, she rushed at me and began to hit my face . Kate who saw the whole scene and came to defend me was badly injured and in a worse state than me .
Happily ,  the police was warned  of the circumstances and they put an end to the fight .
Emma ran to escape and came out in the street but it was cold and in the grip of anger and sadness , she fainted .
Policemen lifted her and installed her on the blue car . From my side I followed the scene from the restaurant windows and it was enough for the evening . I gave money for the dinner and with Kate we decided to continue the evening at her place.


Since this day I  have never seen Emma again I understand  I have nothing more to do with her because she was crazy and obsessive with jalousy and it could bring  her up to a dangerous point !

Two months later I read in the newspapers that she had been judged , jailed for a few weeks and released . But she to put up with  the fact she was responsible for brought my lost allone . It brings her in a deep despair and she became crazy . Therefore she was brought to  a mental hospital were she killed herself .


 Written by Anna Girard


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