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We are seven students and our teacher from Lycée Adrien Zeller in Bouxwiller. We are seniors (last year in high school) in literary section, specialised in literature and languages and we chose LVA (Langue Vivante Approfondie), an advanced English course, in order to perfect/improve our speaking skills in English.

On this blog, we’re going to share with you our passions, talk about what makes us vibrate, and also what we do at school in that class so come and visit us as often as you can !

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. The 50 years of the series Dr. Who by Murielle and Thibault
. A video about : Tips about how save yourself from the worst roommates. ( Murielle, Kevin and me, Thibault )
. A presentation of the TV series : The Twilight Zone

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Creative Writing

It all started on a Thursday night, when I came home from work.
My wife Emma was suspecting me for cheating on her and that’s why she decided to read all my messages on my mobile phone while I was taking a shower. Unfortunately for me she saw the conversation with Kate, my mistress. After that, she decided to act like she didn’t know about it, and followed me everywhere I went.
One night, I told my wife I had a business dinner, of course that was a lie, I was going to see Kate at the restaurant. I guess Emma probably saw Kate’s blue car on the parking spot because after ten minutes she came into the restaurant and that expression on her face just gave me shivers. I had never seen her that angry. I saw her pick something out of her purse and when I realized it was a gun, I just stood there, paralyzed. Then I heard a sharp noise in front of me, it was Kate who was shrieking “Careful! She’s got a gun!” and right after that, a customer jumped on Emma to grab her gun before she could even pull the trigger. While everybody was trying to search for the gun that had fallen on the ground, Emma stood up and tried to escape; she ran out of the restaurant and unfortunately for her the bartender caught her and brought her back while Kate was calling the police. When Emma finally calmed down, I went to her to apologize (even though she’s the one who tried to shoot me) and the only words she said were: “How could you do this?”. I knew the time had come to tell her everything, “
Remember that party in winter? When you decided to stay home because you were sick? Well I met Kate there. We talked a lot and I didn’t want to let her walk home alone in those dark streets. When we arrived she gave me her phone number and we kept talking a lot for weeks and then we decided to see each other in a bar in London during one of my business trips. That’s how it all started. I know you might think she’s just with me for the money but I don’t think so…”
And then the police arrived, a policeman (probably your colleague) arrested Emma and you came to me to ask me what just happened. 

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